Catered Outdoor Bachelorette Parties in Beautiful Oregon

Simply, show up.

At Belle Bachelorette we take care of everything, so you don't have to: gourmet food, expertly crafted adult beverages, activities, and even accommodations. Belle Bachelorette is a full-service bachelorette party planning and catering business that simplifies the process so that all you have to do is show up. Scroll down for info on what makes us unique, our locations, pricing, as well as our eats, drinks, and to-dos. 

Outdoor Focused Parties

Outdoor Catered Parties in Oregon

Clubbing, expensive drinks, and sticky dance floors are all fine, but why wait in line? We take the party outside, and would argue the drinks taste better, the air is fresher, and the dancing, even wilder.

We are more than a business, we are a movement: a movement to get parties out of the clubs and into the outdoors. We're convinced that getting outside allows you and your gals to share an experience that truly brings a group of friends together- and hey, isn't that the point!?

Partying doesn't have to be irresponsible. At Belle Bachelorette, we run an environmentally & socially conscious business, while partying very hard. That means reusable dishes, composted food waste, and no plastic straws. 

Locations & Pricing

Belle Bachelorette is based in Eastern Oregon. Most of our bachelorette parties take place here, but we plan and host parties all over the Pacific Northwest and farther.

Pricing is simple. You fill out a survey telling us a little more about your group’s needs and we send you a quote! We specialize in full-service parties but we do everything from itinerary planning to meeting you at the airport.

As always, the bride-to-be is free and we invoice everyone individually. That way, no one is stuck paying for everything. We just request a $100 deposit to reserve a date and start planning. Invoices are sent out prior to the party.

Email us to receive your survey and custom quote: bellebachelorette@gmail.com


Our party team can be as hands on or off as your group of gals prefers. Here's just a sampling of our tried and true specialty activities: Stand-up Paddle Board (SUP) mimosa relays, SUP gladiator battles, salsa/bachata dance lessons, themed wine-tasting, and unique outdoor drinking games galore. 


Food tastes better outside, but don't let that fool you. The gourmet eats prepared by our very own Belle Bachelorette chef would leave you wanting more anywhere (and in any state of inebriation). It's party food taken to a delicious extreme; and we can accommodate any dietary preferences out there. 

Shots? Ya we'll do those, but how about muddled strawberry & mint, half a lime, and oh yes, local artisanal vodka. Name your spirit, we'll name a Belle Bachelorette cocktail. We do local wine and beer as well.



Dan & Pat hadn't ever been to a bachelorette party when they hosted their first one under the name of their other awesome company- Go Wild: American Adventures . They'd had plenty of experience hosting outdoor parties and guiding outdoor activities, avid outdoorspeople, foodies, dancers, musicians, and partiers themselves. Belle Bachelorette came naturally, just another excuse to help people have a great time outside.