Party Packages.

Scroll down to check out our Oregon packages that highlight distinct regions around the state. Each package is customizable from 1-3 days. Contact us for specific requests and awesome alternative destinations in the Pacific Northwest and farther abroad. Popular alternative destinations include: Walla Walla, the Boise area, California, and Salt Lake City.

Bend Bachelorette Party Planning

Central Oregon 

In Central Oregon, you'll find that craft beer and outdoor recreation are not mutually exclusive. From a cycle pub (yes, you get to drink beer on a mobile bar) to a kayak hot springs adventure with your favorite adult beverage, this high desert package offers a hoppy taste of the Bend lifestyle. And, after getting outdoorsy and dancing with your favorite group of gals, revitalize your party with a full spa experience!

Beer Bachelorette Party Central Oregon


Cycle Pub

Day at the Lake

Hot Springs

Spa Experience

Night out in Bend

Eastern Oregon bachelorette parties
Salsa dance bachelorette party

Eastern Oregon 

High mountain lakes, celestial night skies and those quaint small towns that only exist in movies; Eastern Oregon is arguably the most underrated region in the state. Being the headquarters of Belle Bachelorette, it's here that you get the premiere party experience.  Explore secret swimming holes and turquoise lakes, sip wine under the stariest of skies and take a fun guided horse back riding lesson. 


Lake Glamping

Water Fun

Horseback Riding

Stars & Wine

Salsa Dancing

Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party Oregon

Willamette Valley 

The Willamette Valley is celebrated for producing some of the best pino noir in the world. Spend your bachelorette experience chauffeured past spectacular rows of vines to taste some of the best vino that Oregon has to offer. Take a leisurely day hike to breathtaking Silver falls or float down the lazy Willamette river while your guides keep your wine glasses full. Looking for a more low-key experience? Enjoy a day at the spa followed by a guided downtown tour of the funky art that makes Oregon so great. 

Oregon Bachelorette Party Ideas


Wine Tasting

Waterfall Party Hike

Spa Experience

River Float 

Art Gallery Walk 

Columbia River Gorge Bachelorette Party

The Columbia River Gorge 

Spend a night (or two) glamped above the mighty Columbia River. Water activities galore, deluxe sleeping option, plus gourmet food and beverages make the Gorge experience a favorite. Get goofy for a professional photo in front of iconic Multnomah Falls or try your hand at wind surfing. And, if you like your salmon, our chef will provide fresh, smoked, or cured to a lox chinook salmon meals, fresh from the Columbia. 

Portland Bachelorette Party


Wine Tasting 

Multnomah Falls Funky Photos

River Glamping 

Water Fun

Salmon Feed

Oregon Coast Bachelorette Party Ideas

The Coast 

There's no better place to fulfill your beach bonfire dreams than at the Oregon Coast. As night falls, listen to the crashing waves, walk along sandy shores, and warm up with a campfire lit salsa lesson. During the day, decide between a host of different day activities from kayaking, to horseback riding, to hanging around your beachfront camp getting wild on craft cocktails and a fresh seafood feast. Don't forget to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate with a day at the spa.

Oregon Beach Bachelorette Party


Beach Party

Seafood Feast

Salsa Dancing 


Beach Bonfire